How & What.

Many works try to escape from their own interpretation to refer to themselves solely, but with no doubt, others envelop themselves in their outline and the mankind, establishing a new relation between them and the produced work. The elements, that seems to be assembled or generated in his works, do not express the space but a concentration on the reflection.

Sometimes – like every artistic expression – it is a way to exorcize, a desperate effort to find out, to appropriate the world.

Silué reveals that these two conceptions can’t be exclusive, much less parallel. His starting point is the routine but also the memory of his past; however he does not try to accurately recreate the ostensible reality, but he pushes himself until he discovers the physical architecture hidden in itself.

The artist adopts this method to his creations, capturing what we call in jargon, “still life”: however looking at these works it is difficult to think about something more active, so more lively, more material. All this prove an emotion of both the senses and the sight. His bitumens, the recycled woods, wires, broken mirrors, everyday elements almost garbage, apparently toy weapons are an explosion of touch and material: they strengthen the shapes and the colors. Where the object centrality is enhanced by the white and black back that highlights the narrative presence.

With the black he advises us about the entrance in a hopeless tunnel where the fragmentation of the mirrors reflects weak glares as to find an escape route. Whereas the white tries to give a redemption towards a new future even if uncertain.

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