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EXHIBIT: “IL COLLANTE” This personal exhibition, designed and produced by the artist Silue for the museum “Il Correggio”, collects the artists’ many years research on language and on the concept of still life, so dear to the West, where pears, grapes, flowers… have set the start.
He reinterprets it in his own way, and puts it back on the canvas and in the square.
Silue, Ivorian by birth and Italian by adoption, with his artistic look always hanging in between the Western world and Africa, past and present, immediacy and history, presents a bridge research which aims to mix and combine two different civilizations and their existential realities. The project will be exhibited in the Sala dei Putti at the Museum “Il Correggio”, in Correggio from the 12th of April to the 4th of May 2014. The exhibition will be curated by Anna Nassisi and critical texts are by Vittoria Coen, Paolo Donini, Massimo Guastella and Anna Nassisi.
It will be under the patronage of Regione Emilia-Romagna, On Janine Tagliante Saracino Ambassador of Ivory Coast and patroness of the exhibition , and the town of Correggio
(RE). In this time of history characterized by the greatest economic crisis since the Second World War, monochrome food and canteens represent the discomfort of a starving society. We live in a time where so many families are struggling to get to the end of the month, where parents are forced to delve into the garbage bin of markets in search of food to put on the table, or to find items to trade in order to provide to the needs of the family.
In this scenario, Silue compares the West and the Third World where this plague has been existing in silence for many years, causing hunger and death, the same plague that is now inside our homes.
His still lifes are mono chromes and therefore they don’t encourage any appetite as they depict expired products devoid of nutrients and full of dangerous substances for health. These elements compose the pictorial surface of the works, emphasizing a brand new creative artistic value, and his personal reinterpretation.